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Carnival & Mardi Gras costumes for women in great variety of themes. Order now women's costumes for carnival, fancy dress, Halloween and theme parties. Top customer service and fast shipping guaranteed!


Perfectly dressed up with the original carnival costumes for ladies.

Carnival is not called the fifth season for nothing, because the energy and fun that this time brings are unique! In the peak season of fun masquerades and imaginative dressing up, women's costumes can't be fancy enough. You'll find a huge range of themes in our online shop, because at this merry time of year there's hardly a role you can't slip into. From the lascivious nurse to the traditional queen - whatever is fun is allowed. Of course, we carry our creative Karnevalskostüme für Damen auch in Plus Size, so every female carnival fan is sure to find the right carnival costume for women.

  • -33% Sexy Billy Costume 26238 £64.90 £44.90
  • -29% Sexy Musketeer Ladies Costume 17808 £54.90 £39.95
  • -14% Sexy Unicorn Ladies Costume 26914 £39.95 £34.99
  • -40% Sexy Sailor Girl Ladies Costume 35653 £54.95 £34.95
  • -37% Sexy Police Girl Damenkostm 21996 £44.90 £29.95
  • -20% Sexy Sheriff Girl Ladies Costume 24055 £38.90 £31.90
  • Sexy Bat Girl Ladies Costume 54412 £144.99
  • -60% Sexy S.W.A.T. Dress Ladies Costume 8801035 £54.90 £24.95
  • -28% Sexy Wolf Costume Ladies Plus Size 25794 PS £74.90 £54.90
  • -40% Major Bombshell Ladies Costume 35657 £49.95 £31.95
  • -22% Greek Goddess Ladies Costume 35658 £49.95 £39.90
  • -16% Matrosin Ladies Costume classic 31250 £34.99 £29.90
  • -12% Naughty Nun Ladies Costume 37654 £44.99 £39.95
  • -24% Fallschirmjägerin Woman Costume 27983 £84.90 £64.95
  • Jesterella Ladies Costume 55978 £49.95
  • SWAT Ladies Costume 25454 £34.95
  • Beautiful Bones Ladies Costume 25778 £54.95
  • Vampiressa Bethany Ladies Costume 38131 £49.99
  • Little Red Riding Hood Ladies Costume Deluxe 37927 £69.95
  • Straitjacket Ladies Costume With Buckles 37932 £34.99
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Carnival costumes for ladies - the carnival can come

Simply every woman needs a suitable carnival or fancy dress costume. In our online shop we offer a huge range of traditional or modern women's costumes, so you're sure to find a costume to suit your carnival plans with us. With the start of the fifth season, every woman probably asks herself which carnival costume for women she will wear this year. Always the same costume? Or just try something completely new and exciting? If you want to be able to wear your women's costume to theme parties or Halloween, you can add accessories to it and use it several times. With our varied carnival costumes for women it's not only fun to browse, almost every party-loving lady will find what she's looking for in our collection and be able to celebrate carnival in style.

Imaginative carnival costumes for women - Here you will also find the right one

If you are more the traditional type and would like to wear your carnival costume to other motto and theme parties, then try the wonderfully feminine Roman Lady's Costume or the not at all old-fashioned Medieval Maid Ladies Costume. Or if you're more of a colourful hippie type, then go for our brightly patterned and eye-catching dresses and discover the flower power in you. With Batik Hippie Minidress you can not only revive the 70s at carnival, but also cut a damn fine figure at other theme parties. Are you looking for a cute carnival costume for women that is absolutely sexy at the same time? Then we recommend the Burlesque Kitty costume or the Sexy butterfly costume, which will make you the eye-catcher of the evening in no time.
Also with the classic, but guaranteed not boring carnival costumes for women, like the OP Nurse Costume or the 40s stewardess Kostm you can be sure that you are dressed up in an original way and that you will feel comfortable. Fantasy carnival costumes can also serve well as tickets to many theme parties and fantasy events. How about the Hot Pirate Costume, with which you will surely not only conquer the oceans. Or would you prefer the Naughty Pirate Lady costume for a cool buccaneer look? Both women's costumes are trendy and as a pirate you will certainly have hired your crew quickly.
No less popular are our carnival costumes for women from the Wild West. Choose your side - cowboy or Indian - and let yourself be carried away into the world of disguises. If you are more the natural Indian, then Sexy Indian Costume would be something for you. If you are on the cowboy side, then the Sexy Sheriff Girl Ladies Costume is made for you. With the Saloon Lady Costume you will not only attract admiring glances in the Wild West, but you can also enchant at theme parties.
In addition to an enormous selection of carnival and fancy dress costumes for women, we also offer the right costume accessories to round off and perfect your disguise. Take a look at the categories make-up & special effects or costume accessories.

  • -45% Sexy Robin Lady Costume 43267 £54.90 £31.99
  • -40% Major Bombshell Ladies Costume 35657 £49.95 £31.95
  • Beautiful Bones Ladies Costume 25778 £54.95
  • -33% Sexy Billy Costume 26238 £64.90 £44.90
  • Stranger Girl Ladies Costume 53480 £32.95
  • -48% Zombie Flapper costume for women 23959 £39.95 £22.95
  • -25% Medieval warrior costume for women 23848 £44.95 £34.95
  • Sassy Sally Ladies Costume 37317 £74.95
  • Gothic Alice Lady Costume 28474 £44.95
  • -32% Rocky 80s Ladies Costume 25790 £44.90 £31.95
  • -17% Wicked Trickster Ladies Costume 37839 £89.99 £74.95
  • -29% Sexy Musketeer Ladies Costume 17808 £54.90 £39.95
  • -12% Horror Harlequin Ladies Costume 39691 £44.95 £39.95
  • -43% Military Fetish women's costume 26433 £34.95 £21.95
  • -42% Chinese Woman Costume 43254 £39.90 £24.95
  • Jogging Suit Women's Costume 23731 £44.90
  • -22% Greek Goddess Ladies Costume 35658 £49.95 £39.90
  • Pennywise IT Ladies Costume 50351 £79.95
  • Ice Hockey Ladies Costume With Mask 26489 £28.95
  • -30% Burlesque Dancer Ladies Costume 23724 £44.95 £32.95
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Find matching carnival costumes for women with us

Whether angel, devil or nurse - with our huge range of products, it's almost impossible that you won't find the right carnival costume with us. But not only at carnival time you can wear our eye-catching Verkleidungen: Motto- und Themenpartys are becoming more and more popular and only with an interesting women's costume to the special highlight of the year. In principle, there are no limits to the ideas for theme parties. Theme parties based on well-known films are particularly popular. For example, a vampire party à la "Bite at Dawn" is not only celebrated at Halloween, but also Piratenpartys with Captain Jack Sparrow becomes really attractive with matching carnival costumes for women. Be sure that we have the right costume for you in our collection!

  • -42% Sexy Army Bride XL 20246 £74.95 £44.95
  • Fishnet stockings black XL 27790 £16.99
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Carnival Costumes Ladies | Carnival costumes women | (2024)


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